Village House is your new AI-based Influencer marketing agency.

Locate influencers that impact and engage targeted audiences.


The Village House platform is designed to provide brands with influencers that turn browsers into buyers.
Start targeting converting users by utilizing our customized audience insights and segmentation tools.

Our Features

Influencer Search

We search our database of over 4 million impactful influencers through a range of parameters for your marketing needs including keywords, social channels, persona type and psychographics.

Audience Segmentation

We segment your audiences into user profiles that are more likely to convert when interacting with any of your social media campaigns or online assets.



We engage with influencers to discuss your goals and find the perfect fit. Reach millions of influencers at scale and maintain contact through our messaging software.

Campaign Management

Launch and monitor all your campaigns in one place. Run parallel campaigns and use our expertise to set the goal and KPI for each one. Most importantly, understand your ROI on a real-time basis.


Our analytics tools are the basis for our data-driven approach to optimizing campaigns and getting the most out of your marketing budget. Monitor results and review our custom metrics for measuring success.

For Brands

Browers Screen

Turn browsers into buyers

eCommerce and tech brands rely on Village House to deliver campaigns that truly connect with customers on social media by turning browsers into real consumers.
Our team is based on industry experts in content creation, social media management, SEM, PPC and digital marketing.

Social Media Strategy

We take the time to understand your audience before creating a winning social media strategy. Our SM experts build your brand from the ground up by speaking directly to your customers through the right channels. We focus on driving real engagement and interaction rather than superficial likes or bounced traffic.

Social Screen
Content Screen

Content Specificity

We believe that content is King when it comes to engaging your users and audiences. We provide comprehensive content strategies for each channel from Facebook campaigns, to Twitter and Instagram posts that best communicate your product value through from your brand page and through top fitness influencers.

Digital and Online Presence

We work with your existing assets to create a unified branding campaign that best captivates audiences with a message that really sticks. Our influencers are part of this streamlined process, as we select the ones that best embody the values of your brand.

Digital Screen
Data Screen

Data-Driven Results

We understand the value of getting the most out of your ROI, and that’s why we put so much emphasis on the data points throughout every campaign. We monitor the progress of each campaign to optimize and only invest in the audience segments and keyword strategies that truly provide engagement and conversions.

For Influencers

Bring your content, we’ll get you the brands

Whether you’re a rising star or a leading influencer, we’ll find a brand that most corresponds to your DNA as a professional influencer and enthusiast in a variety of fields

Monetize your content

Work with us to monetize your content, connectwith brands and impact audiences that truly interact and appreciate what you have to display. We’ll provide you with the guidance and platform to get you started.


Designers and creators

Earn more for your work and collaborate with leading brands, publishers and eCommerce players as you expand your freelance opportunities. Whether you’re an animator, graphic designer or a content writer, we find the right fit for your skills.

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